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Head Office and Ramallah Branch

Al-Rabia Bldg, 4th floor
Ramallah, Palestine
Tel: 02-2951071  02-2951084

P.O.Box :- 1567

Halhoul Branch

Hebron, Wadi Tufah street
Beit Makdesh building, near the Hebron District Office
Halhoul, Palestine
Tel/Fax: 02-2211130

Nablus Branch

Aloul and Abu Salha Building

Telfax : 09 - 2387818

Gaza Branch

Al-Ermouk Street
Al-Zaquat Bldg, next to Honda company
Tel: 08-2888914

How to get to our Central Office / Ramallah branch?

From the Manara Square in Ramallah Center, take the road in which the taxis to Bir Zeit are located. Take the second turn to your right (in front of you, there is the ┤Bank of Palestine┤).
Reef Finance is located in the third building on your left hand and you will see our logo on the front of the building. Our offices are at the fourth floor.
If you have any problem reaching our offices, please call us (02-2951071).

How to get to our Gaza branch?
Ali Zagout Bld, Yarmouk St, Across from Ministry of Education and Next to Hamad for Wood Warehouse


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