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 *Rural Finance / Hebron Branch held a number of workshops
in the efforts on the company‘s to enhance communication and relationship with farmers the development of this relationship, and recognize the reality and the prospects for agricultural investment and funding priorities Reef finance held several workshops in Bethlehem,
Hebron and Halhul, in the period between the end of February and the end of April 2012 in which more than 70 farmers and 12 cooperatives in these workshops Reef finance presented its products, also addressed the workshop presentation of the mechanisms and procedures for obtaining loan from the company and the necessary guarantees so in the context of increasing participants‘ awareness of the opportunities in the field of financial services and financial products, the participants reviewd ideas on funding priorities and the immediate financial needs in the field of agricultural projects in particular and rural projects in general.

*Rural Finance participate in the discussion of the first phase of the program Deep
upon an invitation of (Deep) and Center of Development Studies at the University of Bir Zeit, Reef finance participated on 30/04/2012 at a workshop held at the University of Bir Zeit on the discussion of economic and social impact on the beneficiaries of the program within the first phase and in the context of preparations for the second phase in order to develop and ensure a positive impact on the beneficiaries. In a related context reef finance participated in the workshop organized by a partnership network, also participated at the invitation of the Association of Banks Palestinian participated Reef financing in a workshop held at the end of March 2012, where focused in indicators and the level of social performance in banks operating in Palestine. In a related context, and at the invitation of the Ministry of Agriculture / Department of Counseling and Rural Development reef finance participated in a workshop held at the hotel best Eastern - Ramallah in 30/4/202 to discuss assessment of agricultural services (including financial services) provided to farmers under Work on updating the national strategy for agricultural extension in Palestine, The company has also participated at the invitation of the Palestinian Institute for Studies and Consultations in the financial and administrative workshop was held in March 2012 on the management of risk submitted by PMA.


News & Events

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